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PayPlus+ offers highly customizable payment web app to ease the customer in the payment process.

PayPlus+ Payment Request is perfect for all those businesses who don't own e-commerce but wants to enable digital payments quickly

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The PayPlus+ SDK offers a complete set of API’s to empower your customer management, communications and much more!

It supports small, medium and large size companies in simplifying and executing communication and payment processes with their clients.

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The PayPlus AG Munich is a spin-off of the Italian based Your Voice SpA. Founded in 2000 by the Italian IT-pioneer Roberto Piroddi, Your Voice is in Italy a leader of multichannel, interactive and automated communication services for cloud contacts management, voice self-service, visual communication and digital payments. A team of 50 professionals are located in Milan, Treviso and New York. References 2019: >100 corporate clients, 56m in-/outbound contacts over voice/data channels, 138m executed API call transactions for different business multichannel processes, 85m minutes of call traffic managed, €47m managed PCI payment transactions, since 2013 >25% EBITDAMargin.


No matter the industry, all payments related to transactions executed with PayPlus+ can be managed seamless. The B2B cloud payment platform of PayPlus+ is available to customers without any investment for installing and using our gateway, reducing significantly time and costs for developing and maintaining customer’s applications.


As example to describe PayPlus+ used in daily life we have a possible practical case of a taxi company, let’s call this BerlinTaxi. This firm could use a mobile app of PayPlus+ that enables customers to find a taxi and pay for the ride, selecting different payment models. The app enables BerlinTaxi to let PayPlus+ taking care of booking, payment, billing and account management, reducing his working process for these tasks from 20% to 4%.


Another example to describe PayPlus+ used in daily life we have a possible practical case of a mobile operator, let‘s call this MEGAFONE. This company has a significant number of subscribers, who use the service for calls, text-messages, data-tracking, video-streams and more, on a daily basis. Up to 60% of its work processes are currently focused on managing user profiles and purchased services. PayPlus+ enables to reduce the current workflow required to manage the accounts from 60% to 5%.

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A last example is the possible practical case of a online bank, let‘s call this Bankfinance. This Bank has a significant number of private and business clients, who use the online account for payments, loans requests selection and purchase of financial products on a daily basis. The current working process required to manage the complexity of the accounts is 80%. By executing operations with the support of the PayPlus+, the bank can reduce the workflow for accounting by 10%.

Payments On-The-Go

PayPlus+ offers highly customizable payment web app to ease the customer in the payment process. They are perfect to reach customers living in such a dynamic world on their favourite device.
PayPlus+ web apps can be personalized in the personal dashboard to make them look like the identity and the messages that the brand delivers. Web Apps can be sent directly from the dashboard or automated using the communication API.

SDK Software Development Kit of PayPlus+

Integration and interoperability of different coding technologies

PayPlus+ combines and simplify within the same ecosystem different software languages respectively for communication, payments , billing, and accounting, usually provided by different software-providers

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FACTS & FIGURES - Year 2019

The Multichannel Payment Gateway

€ 47 Million

Value of Managed Transactions

€ 129.300

Daily Average Value of Managed Transactions

1,2 Million

Annual managed Transactions


Daily managed Transactions

* Monthly Transactions volume above 1 Euro


Every time when a corporate needs applications to manage the communication with a client in relation to bookings, payments, billing and accounting, PayPlus+ takes care of the entire process by optimizing the workflow with an “all-in-one” solution.

There are also use cases where PayPlus+ represents the solution of corporate customers adapted when debit notes on the bank account of the clients for the respectively insurance premium, loan installment or phone-bill fail and return without being executed. In Europe 5% to 10% of total payments need to be passed to the credit collection department for different kind of reasons. The client close to missing a payment or who has already missed to pay an instalment receives a reminder on his mobile through a visual link to a webapp. On the webapp the client is guided short and easy to process and complete the payment, finally he selects the payment channel and inserts personal data to regulate in real time his debt.

The payment gateway of PayPlus+ enables insurance companies in all European countries to accept credit cards, PayPal and other methods to receive payments due for insurance policies from any device on multiple channels as voice-calls, SMS, web, live chats, call-centers, visual communication.

With an inbound filter PayPlus+ enables large mobile operators to recognize clients who have ongoing collection issues, regardless the reason why they call Wind. Clients can regulate pending payments on the phone selecting the method.

No matter if a retail bank or a consumer credit service is chasing pending payments of own clients, PayPlus+ can take care of the credit collection and perform the communication with their final clients, executing live-payments on their smartphone.

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Some of our Corporate Clients




Founder & Executive Board Member

CEO & Founder of Your Voice SpA Milan; CEO & Founder of Gramercy Asset MGM Switzerland; Corporate Manager AEI NYC and Toronto; education: University of California in LA, SDA Bocconi University of Business Management and Shelton Haeger School, UK. Over three decades of computing experiences, contributing to the development of several IT projects and patented architecture-systems. Blockchain expert Roberto is the «flagship» of PayPlus and the creator of its entire digital payment system.


CTO & Blockchain Architect

Full-stack developer + Network Expert + DB Admin. Education: Milan Polytechnic. CTO of Your Voice SpA since company foundation, initially in 1998 as IT engineer responsible of DevOps for finance institutions. After a professional experience in the United States, Luca became software developer for Your Voice, first in the Interactive Voice Response IVR environment, then in mobile applications. Currently Luca is an experienced developer of payment systems and extremely skillfull in architecting Blockchain solutions.


Co-Founder & Senior Blockchain Advisor

Since 1983 his experience includes architecting/building AI based credit authorization systems at AMEX, high-speed trading platforms at Credit Suisse, process control solutions for industrial automation (Rockwell, Yokogawa El.), control systems pilot house software US Navy LCS Ships, financial intercept processing payment-solution of >100 institutions (acquired by FISERV). 4 patents awarded for real-time visualization and integration. Blockchain-Expert solutions & applications.


General Manager & Sales Director

General Manager & Sales Director of Your Voice SpA Milan; Project Manager of EDS; Project Manager & Developer of Exprivia (former Artificial Intelligence System). Education: Degree in Computer Science, with specialization in sales techniques, public speaking and area manager. In Your Voice among others responsibilities, he is responsible for implementing the most important project of the largest telco-client, in addition to tools to improve management and track the assigned tasks, resources and projects.


CFO, Corp. Affairs, Exec Board Director

Board Member of Your Voice SpA since 2007 (CFO and Corporate Affairs). 1971-2000 Director of Business Management IBM Italy, Director of Telecom Services Strategy IBM Italy. 1981-85 Director of Business Planning IBM EMEA Paris for Europe and MENA; subsequently VP Business Management IBM EMEA. Back in Italy CEO of INTESA, JV between IBM and FIAT. 1988 Telecom Services and Corporate Outsourcing in end-banking applications (the first in Italy between firms and banks for payments services). Education: Financial degree, Bocconi Milan.



Business Developer & Product Manager

Business Developer & Product Manager, creating new business opportunities and managing product evolution in order to satisfy customer needs. Management flexibility and responsiveness to coordinate and integrate the various parts of the new product development process.


Graphic & UI/UX Designer

UI/UX Designer & Web Designer, responsible for designing the user interfaces and navigation paths of applications or websites, producing graphic assets and overseeing the developers in the building process, reporting any malfunctions during testing. Studied Graphic Design at IED European Design Institute in Milan


Digital Marketing Manager for Your Voice USA

Extensive experience in ad-tech and data-analysis. Expert in social media advertising. Worked on numerous UI/UX and user on boarding journeys for multiple start-ups focused on the mobile space. Co-founded Robotix Media; held ad-operations positions at 33Across, TapJoy, and SocialClicks. Education: BA in Economics & Business, Hebrew Uni.


Organic & Digital Marketing

Extensive experience in the start up, tech, and digital ecosystem; she merges psychology with marketing in order to create strategies that achieve great results, and better organic reach. Hence, planning, analysis, creativity, and outside the box thinking are core features of her role. She also cares for user feedback in order to enhance the product and shape it around actual needs. Studied Cognitive Psychology at Trento University


Marketing & Communication Manager

10+ years' experience in B2B marketing and communication for SMB and other corporations, focused on the Telecommunications and Digital sectors, enabling Marketing and Sales to achieve positive results through collaboration and integrated processes. Studied PR & Communication Sciences at IULM University in Milan.


Senior Product Manager

Designs and creates software solutions for customer care services and marketing and sales campaigns. Main markets: Telco and Utilities, as Product & Project Manager. Over 10 years' experience as a manager of software development groups: Omnichannel Contact Center, Business Intelligence and CIM (contact and Campaign Interaction Management). Studied telecommunications engineering at Milano Polytechnic, worked at Reitek S.P.A. as software developer and Project Manager at Enghouse Interactive. Before joining.


Fullstack software developer

In Yourvoice I take care of the frontend and the backend for several applications, starting from the analysis of the project to the deployment in a production environment, as well as maintenance and new implementations. Studied Computer Technology at School of technology & Engineering Padova.


ICT Specialist

Design and delivery of IT infrastructure and services. Support in software and database architecture design. 1997: High school leaving qualification 8n Information Technology ITSCS "A. Greppi" Monticello


1) PayPlus accepts PLUS Tokens as payment.
2) Transaction API Credits allow Corporate Clients applications.
3) Corporate Client payments in Euro enabled.
4) One Time Payment and Pay Per Use models.
5) Payment channels: Amex, Visa, Mastercard, Maestro and Klarna.

APRIL 2019

1) Software development kit to empower external Developers to write new apps.
2) Open Source modules for solution building.
3) Corporate Client customer management web-portal enabled.
4) Invoicing module for Euro transactions.
5) Open source extension for Corporate Clients on GitHub.
6) Customer support and Self provisioning support of Service Providers on web portal.
7) New Payment channels: GooglePay, ApplePay

* SDK software development kit
** SP Service Provider


1) Corporate Client reseller module.
2) Blockchain Communities support to instance PayPlus ecosystem in different environments.
3) Smart Contract solutions for marketing notifications.
4) Smart Contracts solutions for customer support resolution.
5) New Payment channels: Paypal, Amazon Pay, MyBank.
6) Token support over Ripples and Stellar.


1) Smart Contract Editor for Corporate Clients enabled.
2) Mobile Wallets for Corporate Clients enabled.

The PLUS Tokens exclusively allow exchanges into API Call Credits, that a corporate client and/or service provider needs to use the PayPlus+ Ecosystem to run their applications.



Token Sale Suspended


Due to the continuing global instability in the ICO & STO environment and the concurrent risk to investors in such a persistently bearish market, PayPlus AG has taken the decision to suspend the Token Sale.
Everyone who was whitelisted and made their interest known in participating in our token sale will be contacted individually regarding our new funding strategy. All PLUS utility tokens generated in October can be used regularly by our corporate customers on our ecosystem for operative purposes.
In such an unprecedented, fragile ICO/STO market, the protection of our whitelisted parties was the pivotal concern for PayPlus AG. If you have any questions or wish to learn more about our new funding strategy, please contact us as at: for more information.

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